“We’re Human Too” – Shoot (Day 1)


Tonight saw the of the first “We’re Human Too” film and portraiture session get underway at York Arc Light. Scott Akoz Photography was on hand to set up a studio with in the Arc Light media room.

IMG_5854 IMG_5864

After the photographer had set up the studio with back drop and lights he talked them through what he wanted to get in terms of the portraits. IMG_5887

Scott brought equipment that gave us a live feed of the images coming through as they were being taken, allowing participants to get an immediate preview of their shots on a tablet device.


Below Akoz scrolls through images to discuss the best shots.IMG_5895IMG_5906

We worked with 4 different residents of varying ages to shoot powerful portraits that would be recognised as part of a series.IMG_5870

All the participants discussed the shots they liked with Scott Akoz, it was great to see their positive reactions.  IMG_5912

Above Akoz captures the shot, and below sharing a moment of laughter with Ian as they review the shots.IMG_5909IMG_5925 IMG_5915

Once each participant had completed their photo shoot they were invited to answer a series of questions about who they were on video. We wanted to talk about them as people, what made them happy what made them sad, before getting to conversations about homelessness. Working with Inspired Youth participants gave honest and open interviews and engaged fully with the process. The interviews, which were at times very emotional, will form a short film that will carry the powerful themes of the project and promote the project and exhibition online. IMG_5829

Above Liam sets up the studio backdrop, and below prepares audio equipment for filming.IMG_5824IMG_5825


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