“We’re Human Too” – Shoot Day 2


As Inspired Youth and Scott Akoz re-joined forces for the second day shoot, the project was in full swing and the creative the process really began to build momentum. It was good to meet different characters and hear a range of unique stories. No two stories were the same, and it highlighted the diversity of backgrounds and the differing reasons why people were facing homelessness. IMG_5961IMG_0260

Keeping in line with the series the shots were designed to look alike but while they had the same style, each character was really coming out in the images making them really unique to the person. IMG_5964

It was also good to work with some younger people who had experienced homelessness, both of whom had moved on from Arc Light to Orwin house, a supported housing project also run by Arc Light. It was good to hear that they had found help in crisis through Arc Light, and saw their progress as phase two of their path towards independent living.


It was another great session with Scott Akoz capturing some really strong portrait shots. Inspired Youth continued with the film production and had some profound conversations which will make for fascinating interviews. It has already been a moving, inspiring and emotional journey which we are proud to be part of.


The interviews ranged in content but everyone had something unique to say from their own experiences. It was great to get to know people a little bit and to have conversations about love, life and futures as well as their experiences of homelessness.

IMG_0314 IMG_0263

Keep following the blog for previews of the outputs as the project unfolds.


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