We’re Human Too Film Trailers Launch

Two promotional videos have been launched to promote awareness of our campaign online. The short trailers feature a preview of the films, one with no voices and one with short excepts from the three short films being produced as part of the project.

No voices. Just Humans.

Humans, with voices.

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Residents give the project positive feedback


How did you feel after watching the film?

“I felt happy and sad”

“I feel good, thank you”

“Happy to be a part of it, really good, excellent!”

“I feel the film will open peoples eyes to the plight of homelessness”

“I really hope it gets the message across, great”


“The team behind the film were amazing”

“The team were nice, respectful, made me feel welcome”



We’re Human Too Films Previewed at Arc Light

The room was charged with emotion this evening at a private premiere screening at York Arc Light for residents. Participants of the project sat in silence as they previewed the 3 powerful short films for the first time, all made as part of the We’re Human Too campaign.

IMG_6086Participants were also thankful and humble to receive prints of the stunning portraits shot by Scott Akoz photography.IMG_6094         The films, which are emotive in their nature, feature very honest and open conversations with people experiencing homelessness. The films explore childhood memories, life, love and of course homelessness.


Participants were openly grateful for the opportunity to be involved in the project and were very humble about the work, describing it as “powerful” and “moving”. The films will soon feature on the website to promote the exhibition which is planned to take place in December.


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