Inspired Youth start work on a powerful photography and film project to show the human side of people experiencing homelessness. The project, commissioned by JRF, will be delivered in partnership with York Arc Light homeless charity and Scott Akoz Photography.

The work will focus on presenting the humans behind the stigma and stereotypes of homelessness.

Collective actions and organisations working in partnership can help to reduce poverty by providing new experiences that develop skills and create opportunities for people in our community experiencing homelessness to move forwards in their lives.

‘We’re Human Too’ will raise awareness and help to explore and understand the real people who have fallen into homelessness. The idea is inspired by Inspired Youth’s recent dementia friendly project ‘A Story Like Ourswhich used positive portraiture photography and storytelling to present people living with dementia in a new light.

‘We’re Human Too’ will engage creatively with residents of Arc Light to capture them as human beings and create a series of striking images to combat the negative images of homelessness we often see in the media.

‘We’re Human Too’ uses an inclusive approach that supports and involves people with direct experience of poverty, making them partners in creating positive solutions and shaping key messages around homelessness and the impact it has on their lives. The opportunity aims to build participants’ confidence and sense of value whilst engaging them in developing new skills in media and communication.


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