Introduce Yourself

My name’s Dennis, I’m 61 years old and I was born in Cleveland.

Education & learning

I got secondary education.

Something you are passionate about

I’m really passionate about music. I like rock music. Stuff like Thin Lizzy and Pink Floyd.


My childhood was good, I enjoyed it. I loved going to the fairground and remember the fair organs and the smell of toffee apples.

Proudest Moment

Passing out of the army in 1972 becoming a professional soldier.

How did you become homeless?

I was made homeless by the council tenancy enforcement agency. The staff were on my back.

The hardest part about being homeless

Sleeping rough is the hardest part.

What have you learned from your experience of homelessness?

Arc Light is an amazing place. There should be one in every city to help other people living rough.

One message about homelessness

My message about homelessness is to avoid it at all costs.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I just want to have a place of my own. A place to live. I don’t want anything special, just what everyone else wants, to have a roof over my head of my own.