Introduce Yourself

Hi my name is Ian, I am 60 years old and i was born in Hartlepool.

Education & learning

I have O-levels in english, maths, history and geography.

Something you are passionate about

I’m passionate about helping other people. I’m a giver not a taker.  People also tell me I’m very approachable and a lot of people come to me for advice or just to have a chat with.


My childhood was fantastic. I had a great up bringing with great parents.

Biggest achievement 

Marrying my present wife. We both want to get back together and once i have sorted myself out, that’s what we will do.

How did you become homeless?

I became homeless because I started sneak drinking. There was a strike at work and I didn’t agree with it, so I was isolated by other members of staff.  The loneliness of work made me feel down and i began drinking.

The hardest part about being homeless

The hardest part about being homeless is that there is not enough support. It’s practically impossible to find somewhere to stay.