Introduce Yourself

My name is Jacko Johnson and i was born in Sunderland.

Education & learning

I was in and out of care as a child and went to boarding school.

Something you are passionate about

I like writing poetry, watching films and listening to music. I really like Pink Floyd.

How did you become homeless?

I became homeless after leaving boarding school. I have been institutionalised all my life, I didn’t know how to cope on my own.

The hardest part about being homeless

The hardest thing for me is staying off heroin and getting along with other people.

What have you learned from your experience of homelessness?

I have learned to keep myself to myself and not to trust anyone.

One message about homelessness

Nobody should be homeless in this day and age.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I would really like to write a book about my life. Whatever happens, happens.