Introduce Yourself

My name is Lauren Christian. I’m 18 years old and i was born in York.

Education & learning

I achieved 12 GCSE’s at school and I went to college where I successfully passed my level 3 in employability and health and social care. I also enjoyed going to the army cadets.

Something you are passionate about

I’m passionate about helping people and I love dancing.

Proudest Moment

Achieving my GCSE’s.

Happiest memory

My happiest memories are spending time with my family.

The hardest part about being homeless

Needing the support and finding out where to get the support.

What have you learned from your experience of homelessness?

I have learned to do the best that you possibly can and to try your hardest to overcome the challenges that you face. We only get one life.

One message about homelessness

I know a lot of people in a similar situation to me that have so much potential but don’t have the inspiration they need to help them. People need to stop judging and stereotyping others.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I want to become a nurse so I can really help other people as much as I can.